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Chiropractic Therapy for Headaches and Migraines

Chiropractic therapies are very popular at the current time. It is a combination of manipulation of the spine, massage, and a set of required exercises. It is often recommended to people who have suffered a vehicle accident or any kind of minor accident at a workplace or home. They are also known to treat post-trauma disorder and anxiety caused after an accident. Chiropractors are also known to deal effectively with pain management in almost any part of the body. Though there still seem to have less evidence about chiropractic effectiveness in different type of headaches. Also, if there are any negative outcomes after the spinal manipulation by the chiropractors. But lately, chiropractic care is on the rise and is very popular. You can find a lot of popular Chiropractors in Staten Island, NYC.

There is much different type of headaches and it is still a matter of discussion that a chiropractic treatment in different headaches gives you what results. A set of guidelines have been issued for chiropractic treatment in case of headaches. There are a few certain types of headaches for which chiropractic treatment is already very popular. One is Cervicogenic headaches, and then next is migraines and the tension headache. Each of these headaches responds differently after a chiropractic treatment.

For cervicogenic headaches

These types of headaches have a specific pattern. You will typically start feeling pain in one side of the head. This pain is generally at the backside of the head. Eventually, the pain starts covering the front side of the head as well and will be accompanied by pain in the same side of the hand or upper shoulder. There is some cause for cervicogenic headache, which usually includes your past neck problem which after a fresh injury now after an accident has triggered a series of pain.

Cervicogenic headaches are quite rare and do not have any specific medicine for the cure. Someone with this type of headache is straight away recommended to look for a chiropractor and start the treatment. It is not difficult to find a good chiropractor these days. Simply Google Chiropractic Therapy near Me and you will find many options along with patient reviews, so it becomes a lot easier for you to choose the right place. Cervicogenic is a type of headache where manipulation with the spine is often successful and is therefore highly recommended. Let us further understand all the viable options available with chiropractic therapy in cases of cervicogenic headache.

· Spinal manipulation

Spinal manipulation is a very famous treatment to counter different kinds of pain across your body. A well-trained chiropractor will use a device or his own hands to put some pressure on the very precise joint of your spine, which he might have identified as a root cause from where the pain is being generated. You might end up hearing a popping sound while the procedure is being conducted by the chiropractor. It is often the cervical spine, which can be found on the upper part of the spine, around the neck being the point of focus. This is the area where chiropractor mostly tries to regulate pain management.

· Joint mobilization

In this practice, a chiropractor focuses on moving most of the important joints around the body, which in turn will help an individual to get back to their usual body movement, which might have been disrupted after the accident. This practice is known to significantly reduce bodily pain.

· Deep neck flexion exercises

This includes a combination of exercises, which will ensure that an individual actively starts moving all the muscles and joints across the body. This exercise is recommended to be done under the supervision and guidance of a skilled chiropractor. A good example of one of these exercises is when you have to lie down flat on the ground and are asked to do chin tucks and move your head. A specific interval is decided in which you have to complete your specific number of rounds as directed by the professional.

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For migraines

Whenever a person is surrounded by a series of serious headaches along with uncomfortable dizziness and feeling of nausea, these symptoms are easy to be determined as migraine. A lot of specific medicines have already been developed to prevent the migraine issue. Procedures like pain injection have also been determined as successful in countering migraine. There are also cases been detected when a person has neck pain and thus it gets difficult to determine whether it’s a migraine or a cervicogenic pain? In such a case it is often recommended to waste no time and look for a medical professional immediately. Chiropractic therapies in migraine have shown great results in over a few years. Let us look at chiropractic therapy options to counter migraine.

· Neuromuscular massage

This kind of massage is also known as trigger point therapy because this massage straight away focuses on the trigger points from where the pain could be bought back in control. It might be your back, neck, head, or shoulders and these are the points where massage is focused. It’s a very popular technique now and gives you a sense of relaxation almost immediately.

· Multidisciplinary care intervention

It includes the involvement of a lot of exercise and techniques which are applied simultaneously and are known to give positive results. All those therapy exercises, different techniques for relaxation, and a controlled diet will be part of treatment to counter migration.

For tension headaches

The most common type of headache could probably be termed a tension headache. Even the slightest of muscle tension in any part of the body including neck, head, or shoulders could result in such a headache. There are a lot of easily available medications to counter such a type of headache. A lot of chiropractic treatments and therapies have been stated successful in countering this. It could be a slight spinal manipulation or a chiropractor might go for a multidisciplinary approach to resolve the headache issue. A chiropractic therapy which is known as low-load craniocervical mobilization has also been deemed helpful. We talked about the little force being used in case of spinal manipulation. Here in this therapy, a greater force is applied in those joints and muscles to combat the pain and give the required relaxation to the body.

We at New U Physical Therapy can claim to have one of the best and skilled Chiropractors in Staten Island. We have years of experience and have delivered positive outcomes in almost all the cases we manage.

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